Funded places available for a Postgraduate Diploma education programme for Infant Mental Health specialists

NHS Education for Scotland is offering five funded places for our course: Psychoanalytic Observation & Reflective Practice: Therapeutic work with Children & Young People (TWCYP). Application deadline is Thursday 14 September. Read more

Marking the 10th anniversary of HDS

Last December marked the 10th anniversary of the inception of Human Development Scotland (HDS). Lindsay Shrubsole, Chair of the Board at HDS, shares more about the journey we've been on, and the journey ahead. Read more

Keeping the Baby in Mind

Last month, we hosted an online conference entitled, ‘Keeping the Baby in Mind: A Celebration of the Work of the Third Sector’. Find out more about the event. Read more

Thanking our volunteer board members

Our volunteer board members provide active support for HDS. As we celebrate Volunteers’ Week 2023, we want to thank all our board members for their time, expertise and dedication. Read more

A tribute to Mona Macdonald

Mona Wickes (previously Macdonald) died peacefully at her home in Edinburgh on Saturday 15th April 2023.  Mona was a long-time Trainer and staff member of the former Scottish Institute of Human Relations (SIHR). HDS was formed to carry on the work of the SIHR. We pay our respects to this key figure in our history. Read more

Study with HDS in 2023

HDS offers a range of professional and academic training courses.  Our training is popular with people working in ‘people-facing’ professions.  For example: health and social care services, teachers, third sector and private practice counselling. Find out more about how you can develop your career with HDS. Read more

Demand in counselling services

Like many organisations that offer counselling and therapeutic services, HDS has seen an increase in demand for counselling services and psychotherapy. Read more about the positive impact of counselling and psychotherapy on mental health. Read more

Free 6-week introductory course on Infant Mental Health

Are you or do you work for a Third Sector organisation that works with mothers, fathers and carers of infants and young children in order to promote Infant Mental Health and development? Our free 6-week introductory course on Infant Mental Health can help equip you and your staff. Read more

Making a difference in changing times

Trustees’ Week 2022 takes place from 7th to 11th of November and is an annual event to showcase the great work trustees do, celebrate charity boards and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved and make a difference. Read more

A message to our graduates

At our recent graduation event, our Chair of the Board of Trustees, Graham Monteith, sent this message to our recent graduates. Read more

New report into understanding early trauma

The Parent-Infant Foundation has launched findings from new research with the public and professionals. This included a survey with a representative sample of 2,000 adults from across the UK, and work with teachers and early years professionals. Read more

Volunteers' Week

As we celebrate Volunteers' Week, our current volunteer, Norman Rae, shares his experiences of volunteering with HDS. Read more

HDS provides support to The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland

Aimed at community nurses or midwives working in primary care in an area with high levels of poverty, deprivation and multimorbidity, the programme helps them to learn more about coping with, and helping others cope with, the complex interpersonal relationships that are often part of their everyday nursing work. Read more


Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 will focus on loneliness, bringing it out from the shadows where it so often is hidden. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, loneliness was almost 3 times that of pre-pandemic levels. It can be said that one of the few consolations of the pandemic is that it reminded us of our need for each other. Mental Health Awareness week will be an opportunity to ask vital questions about how we will reduce loneliness as we continue to come out of the pandemic. Read more

Demand for mental health services will increase according to new survey

A recent survey by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland found that 78% believe demand for mental health services will increase after the pandemic. Read more

Young people feel anxious about climate change

A new global survey illustrates the depth of anxiety many young people are feeling about climate change. The survey says young people are especially affected by climate fears because they are developing psychologically, socially and physically. Chronic stress over climate change, says the survey authors, is increasing the risk of mental and physical problems. And if severe weather events worsen, mental health impacts will follow. Read more

Talking therapies have the greatest positive impact on mental health

According to a survey carried out by the UK Council for Psychotherapy it showed that the mental health of survey respondents improved following mental health support and that a higher percentage had received psychotherapy, counselling, and other talking therapies. Read more

Counsellors wanted for our therapeutic services

Are you a counselling professional or know of someone with the capacity to take on new clients?  HDS has seen a growth in its counselling services and we are seeking to add to our team of counsellors. Read more

Millions turn to nature during lockdown

Research during the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the role nature can play in protecting and supporting our mental health.  Here are some tips from the Mental Health Foundation on how you can build your own connection with nature. Read more

“We have all been in the same storm, but we have not all been in the same boat.”

New results from a study by the Mental Health Foundation show that one year on, the COVID-19 crisis has had wide and deep emotional impacts on UK adults. Read more

Closing dates for our professional training courses

If you are thinking of applying for our academic training courses, here are the closing dates for applications. HDS offers a range of professional and academic training courses.  Our training is for people working in ‘people-facing’ professions.  For example: health and social care services, teachers, third sector and private practice counselling. Read more

Embodied 'presence': working and living online

HDS Board Member, Mary MacCallum Sullivan, provides a review of an article by Dan Nixon. In ‘The body as mediator’, he foregrounds the embodied experience of the dis-embodiment we all currently share, as we sit glued to our screens because of C-19. Read more

Facing a winter during a pandemic

It is expected that the recent lockdown measures in-place will take a heavier toll on people’s mental health. The Mental Health Foundation has outlined ten risks and ideas for protecting and supporting mental health this winter. Read more

Discussing and addressing mental health in the workplace

In the second part of their, “There For Each Other” campaign, The Scotsman published an article about what support is available to Scottish employees and employers – and how can it help? HDS provides an Employee Assistance Counselling Service and we were invited to contribute to the article. Read more