What is psychodynamic counselling?

​Counselling is a process of supported reflection that can ease stresses and worries. It often leads to greater self-understanding which enables decisions in the best interests of the person to be made. At times of personal change, distress, challenge and loss many people have found counselling to be of great help.  This counselling service is based on psychodynamic theory.

Who’s the counselling for?

At HDS we want our clients to feel heard, held in mind and valued.  After you submit a request for counselling, our Clinical Coordinator will contact you to discuss this in more detail.  An initial consultation may follow to see if our approach is one that suits. Working with integrity and carefully considering what is in your best interests is of paramount importance to us.

If we feel that you would be better helped elsewhere we will discuss this and recommend the more suitable alternative. You are then matched with a counsellor who may, but not necessarily, be the counsellor you met at the initial consultation.  Counselling sessions last for 50 minutes and are, as far as possible, at the same time each week.

Who provides the counselling?

HDS employs counsellors on a contractual basis.  Please click on the link below to find out more about our counsellors.  Counsellors are all psychodynamically trained, which means that we think that the past is a powerful influence on the present, and we are aware of unconscious as well as conscious aspects of behaviour.  We believe that the relationship between the client and counsellor is very significant and we give this a lot of thought.  Endings are discussed between the counsellor and client and are carefully managed.

How is the quality of service ensured?

The psychodynamic psychotherapy service staff have undertaken extensive training. The service requires that members have considerable experience, and that they maintain their own continuing professional development. The latter includes consultancy supervision of ongoing work, which is an important quality assurance process. HDS has a complaints procedure available on request.

Where do counselling sessions take place?

Counsellors will work from a variety of locations and this will be discussed with you.

HDS has a soundproof counselling room at our central Glasgow offices, as well as other rooms suitable for counselling sessions. 

How much does counselling cost?

We offer two fee options, including an affordable option, which will be discussed with you during your assessment. 

  • £50 per session if you wish to work with qualified counsellors in an open-ended way (with you deciding on when you’d like to finish therapy).
  • £20 to £30 per session (based on what you can contribute) if you wish to work with trainees for a block of 20 or 40 sessions.  

Book an appointment / Make an enquiry

The first step to booking an appointment is to complete the online counselling request form or to call us.  We will discuss with you what you are looking for and find the right counsellor for you.  We’ll send you an email confirming the appointment for your initial session and include a link to further information about what to expect.

Make a counselling request 

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