Course name

Understanding and Working with Children and Young People who are Fostered or Adopted


This course is designed to provide ways of understanding children and young people who are fostered or adopted. 

Psychoanalytic theory is used to throw light on the complex issues involved in working with children and young people who have experienced trauma and loss and who may be struggling to establish new relationships.  

Consideration will be given to the impact of early experiences on development and also on the complex personal and professional systems that can surround children in these circumstances.

Aims and Objectives
  1. To be able to reflect on the emotional aspects of work with children and young people who have suffered deprivation and abuse and to consider how this may be understood in the context of your work.
  2. To be able to begin to understand children’s experience of separation and loss, trauma and abuse plus its impact on their emotional and personality development.
  3. To be able to reflect on the emotional impact on foster or adoptive parents caring for children who have experienced trauma and loss.
  4. To be able to consider the complex issues in relation to contact, court hearings and sibling placement, relevant to working with children in care.
  5. To gain an understanding of the complex personal and professional dynamics that surround children in these circumstances that may impact on decision-making, careplanning and treatment.
Learning Outcome

On completion of this course, participants should have developed an understanding of:

  • Key concepts in psychoanalytic theory.
  • The impact on emotional and personality development of trauma and loss.
  • The complexity of decision making/care planning for children in care.
Course limit
  • 14 participants
  • Please note that spaces for all courses are limited to a certain number of participants to ensure an enhanced learning experience for everyone.

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Course venue

All courses can be delivered at the Human Development Scotland training suite in central Glasgow or at a clients’ workplace.

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