It has been well documented that one of the many knock-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that a major change to working conditions and a turbulent backdrop has led to an increasingly poor state of mind for many Scottish workers, with loneliness and anxiety among commonplace issues.

In the second part of their, “There For Each Other” campaign, The Scotsman published an article about what support is available to Scottish employees and employers – and how can it help?  HDS provides an Employee Assistance Counselling Service and we were invited to contribute to the article. 

Read the full article and the comments from our Counselling Services Coordinator, Gail Taylor, by clicking the link below.

Click here to read the article in The Scotsman


HDS works with organisations, large and small, to offer counselling and psychotherapy as part of their Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).  Our counsellors and therapists have broad experience of working with employees in the public, private and third sectors across Scotland.  HDS can offer face-to-face, online or telephone counselling at a time when staff may need additional support.   

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